Pendant Necklaces Jewelry Dog Footprint Rinhoo Woman Fashion Crystal Animal for Bijoux


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Product information

Material: Alloy

Style: Fashion OL

Style: Women’s

Style: Dog’s footprint

Treatment process: Diamond-encrusted

Packaging: Individually packed

Color: as shown

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 20 cm

As shown

24 reviews for Pendant Necklaces Jewelry Dog Footprint Rinhoo Woman Fashion Crystal Animal for Bijoux

  1. Kim Wishing I was in the South

    It has a nice sparkle, but it is not as large as I would have thought it would be. It is smaller than a dime. I am unsure at this time if I will be returning it. I have gotten some pendants at JC Penny’s that were a quarter of the cost, which is where I think this should be priced.

  2. Tata Bustamante

    Combinación perfecta, collar y el colgante. Tal como se muestra en la página se los ve en mis manos. Hasta ahora están bien, no se opacaron el brillo.

  3. JalineJaline

    I was so happy when I received this and opened the box to find it was better than I expected. It’s so hard to judge something when you buy it on-line and I was really hoping that it was small enough to look delicate and feminine…while still having beautiful detail. It is exactly what I was hoping for! The paw is just a bit smaller than the size of a dime. I wish I could afford to buy one for each of my dog-loving friends!!

  4. Jan Pilanski

    I first saw this necklace in a Kay Jewelry advertisement … On sale for around 200 …. But as with most things wanted to see the Amazon reviews if there were any … There were and the price was so much better 60 bucks!! Got it a few days later and absolutely love it. I happened to be in a Kay store and asked them to show me the paw print necklace. It is literally the same necklace – but I got it for around 60 instead of 200!!! Oh and the box is much nicer than the Kay one too.This paw is tiny and dainty and really cute – not a big gawdy medallion – it’s really adorable. Trust these reviews – you will love it.

  5. konagirl808

    Sparkly in morning sunlight. In the afternoon, it can appear dull and lackluster, so I guess it requires ample lighting. Small paw– more like what I’d imagine a pendant for a cat, which is what I wanted, anyways. I’m a cat person who was looking for a paw pendant. From the side, the pendant looks like a silver cast was used to make the mold to stick the black and white diamonds in it: the pendant is about 3 mm thick from sideview, therefore making it appear a tad bit costumy. Hence, 4 stars. Still, it looks good.

  6. Corey P.

    Really nice and good quality. Looked at the EXACT same piece at Kay jewelers (priced at $238.00) pretty sure was made by the same manufacturer. I did replace the chain just because my wife likes a different style and length. You won’t be disappointed and my wife loves it!!!

  7. Kathie Ramsey

    Gift for my daughter. She loves bling!

  8. Tyece Okamura

    This necklace is cute, sparkly and a great add to my “game day” wardrobe. Even got one for a friend too

  9. Shari Fordyce

    Gave this necklace as a gift to a friend who’s pet recently crossed the rainbow bridge. She loved the necklace and said it was the most beautiful and thoughtful gift she received.

  10. Sarah E. Hayslip

    I purchased this necklace as a gift, and I found it to be as other reviewers described. It was small, no larger than a dime, but not knowing for certain the recipient’s preferences I would rather it be on the small side than too large. It does have a nice amount of sparkle. I felt it was a good value for the money and made a tasteful and thoughtful gift for an animal lover. The packaging was very nice and made the necklace seem more expensive than it actually was. It was a gift I was happy to give!

  11. Caroline

    My gf loves it! Hasn’t taken it off since I gave it to her!

  12. rburch

    My girlfriend loves it. Only down fall is the chain is cheap. Other than that, it’s very beautiful.

  13. Lori Lamb

    Love this necklace

  14. Jenny

    My four Yorkie fur babies gave me my Paw necklace for just being their Mom. I love it and wear it all the time. It sits in the perfect place and hangs very well. It sparkles well and is of expected quality. Any more expensive and I would be reluctant to ware it daily, as I do. It was a gift to me from their Human Daddy, my hubby. It is for the ones we have now and all the dogs we have had the joy of being owned by over our many years. (a cat or two here and there as well!)I am a small person, so it is just right. I just love it!

  15. Marie

    I love my necklace. It’s just the right size and each time I wear it people are always complimenting it.

  16. K. Worthington

    I ordered this and really didn’t have great expectations for it. I was pleasantly surprise when I opened the box. So very cute and just a little “dainty” so it wasn’t too small on my rather (ahem) large body. The chain was also a pleasant surprise. Highly recommend this for a pet lover especially one that doesn’t show that fact on every item worn or even for those that do. Has just the right amount of sparkle so it’s not overpowering and enough weight that it stays in place nicely.Highly recommend!!

  17. Robert Kelly

    Price was outstanding. .925 markings show that it is real sterling silver. Like this very much

  18. MamaBee

    I luv this darling necklace. It was for my daughter. It looks like a cat paw too, so it represents her beloved kitten to her forever. It is very petite and feminine. The actual paw is about 1/2″ or less. Perfect for 10 yr.old. Chain very tiny and fine with tiny clasp, but good enough for the price. Arrived quickly and packaged safely. Cute blue velveteen type draw sack bag and pretty blue box.

  19. joyce stanger

    This necklace is so beautiful. Would highly recommend.

  20. John V.

    LOVE IT! I’ve been looking at a necklace pretty close, if not the same, as this one and it’s totally adorable. You can’t beat the price either. It goes for well over $100 in a jewelry store. I hopped on it and I’m glad I didn’t coax my hubby into getting it for me from the store $$$.

  21. Sazqwatch

    The media could not be loaded.

     Cute. About right for the money.

  22. Michell

    I don’t think it should cost as much as it does

  23. sherry b.

    small but cute

  24. Christine

    Necklace broke two days after purchase it was thin but purfect with charm! Can’t find matching one anywhere and can’t get it fixed and charm is adorable

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